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Internet Jukebox - 20 Hits per year from the past

It's a Juke Box!

This is one of the most useful things I have come across in a while, non Real Estate related that is.  You can listen to music from the Internet and not worry about being charged with being a pirate.

So check it out, maybe leave it running on a minimized browser window while you browse Real Estate listings on my web site at

Click on any year and a Juke Box pops up with 20 hits of that year!

 40's JuKeBoX 
1955 JuKeBoX 
1956 JuKeBoX 
1957 JuKeBoX 
1958 JuKeBoX 
1959 JuKeBoX 
1960 JuKeBoX 
1961 JuKeBoX 
1962 JuKeBoX 
1963 JuKeBoX 
1964 JuKeBoX 
1965 JuKeBoX 
1966 JuKeBoX 
1967 JuKeBoX 
1968 JuKeBoX 
1969 JuKeBoX 
1970 JuKeBoX 
1971 JuKeBoX 
1972 JuKeBoX 
1973 JuKeBoX 
1974 JuKeBoX 
1975 JuKeBoX 
1976 JuKeBoX 
1977 JuKeBoX 
1978 JuKeBoX 
1979 JuKeBoX

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Internet Jukebox - 20 Hits per year from the past
It's a Juke Box! This is one of the most useful things I have come across in a while, non Real Estate related that is. You can listen to music from the Internet and not worry about being charged with being a pirate. So check it out,… more
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